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Agnes Cecilia Fideli Siri Charlotte Sundqvist.
Born in the end of November 1987 in Uppsala, Sweden.
Working as an image maker, prop designer & paper artist.

Fideli Sundqvist
Högalidsgatan 42 A
117 30 Stockholm

+46 70 477 69 66


+46 8 122 079 30
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With a name almost as long as her list of clients, Agnes Cecilia Fideli Siri Charlotte Sundqvist is the Swedish illustrator and graphic designer turned paper artist extraordinaire. From Stockholm to Seoul her “paperwork” is anything but boring – just ask French fashion house Louis Vuitton. Here’s the story about underwater swimming elephants, how mathematics helped create an onion and why the most powerful source of inspiration can be a lighthouse.

It’s late November of 2013. Fideli Sundqvist has just released her second book “I Love Paper” and is soon, because of it, to appear on both of Sweden’s largest morning television shows. She has just received a couple of new awards from renowned Swedish design competition “Kolla!” and have by now worked with tons of big domestic and international clients (one of them even did a movie about her).  And all this in less than three years time. How she got there?  Well, it all kind of began with a skinny folk rock singer from Nebraska. 

Cover lover

Growing up with a potter for a mom and a religious historian for a dad, the artistic freelance lifestyle seemed like the obvious choice for Fideli. She reminisces:

– When I was about 9 I made my own jugs that I sold at this Medieval Week. And every Christmas my parents would stand at the town square selling my mom´s stuff. So this whole lifestyle of creating things, peddling them and then counting the earnings at the end of the day always seemed magical and festive to me. 

But growing up Fideli also had another special interest – music. Although she played the piano, the guitar and sang, she was soon to find a whole other approach to it.

– I got really in to record covers. They introduced me to graphic design and illustration as art forms and I had never felt so smitten before! So I started translating the music and the lyrics of bands into illustrations. Folk rock singer Bright Eyes was a big favourite. I remember he had an album cover made from linocut, and I started doing the same kind of thing. It felt easy – I never liked going to school but I loved working with my hands, creating different moods and content. 

The elephant and the red ball of yarn 

After senior high she moved to Stockholm where she later attended University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. It was during her second year of school that she really discovered paper.

– My brother was studying in Beijing and brought home a book containing paper art. The book itself was pretty cheesy, but I remember being in awe over the amount of time someone had put in to the pictures. That made me wanna try to translate my images in to paper cut outs. 
By now Fideli knew she wanted to work with paper. But she still hadn’t figured out in what way. The answer came to her somewhat unexpectedly.

– One night I was watching some action movie and straight out of nowhere I got this really vivid idea of an elephant swimming underwater among coral, following a big, red ball of yarn. Now I do them all the time, but by then I hadn’t really seen any three-dimensional paper structures. So I ended up working day and night for ten weeks, making the elephant as my final project for the university. I remember it was becoming really fun, even though I was a bit worried it would look a little too much like scrapbooking, she says laughingly. 
Well, needless to say, it didn’t.

Mathematics of an onion

Since 2011 Fideli has been working full time producing fantastic paper artwork. But it wasn’t smooth sailing right from the get-go. 

– One of the earlier projects I did in paper was for an exhibition for a Swedish restaurant. It was this really realistic 1600's still life with food and flowers in paper. I like mathematics, and that’s lucky cause I quickly learned it’s a pretty big part of it – I never imagined it would take so much math just do to the layers of an onion.

Gangnam with style

September of 2011 Fideli began working with Agent Molly&Co, who still represents her. It was through them she got the rather surreal phone call in the early summer of 2013.

– It was like a dream come true when I got booked for Louis Vuitton. They wanted me to do five images for an opening of a new LV-store in Gangnam, Seuol, in which a white tiger comes down from the mountains to the store. I thought the tiger was supposed to go down and buy a handbag or something, but it wasn’t until the last day I understood that the tiger really was some sort of guardian haha.  

Tigers, elephants, onions … you make all kinds of things from paper, but what’s the hardest object to create?

– Three-dimensional objects that are to be seen from all sides. I used to think doing people was the hardest of all, until I lately made a globe from paper. Geez, it took some time to get that one right. 

With all this success, what are your thoughts on the future? 
– Now life pretty much has what I asked for and so the dreams have changed. As a teenager I worked driving a tractor at a local cemetery. I could imagine doing that again, or maybe being a farmer. Or perhaps working as a lighthouse keeper, that could be fun!

That sounds rather … unusual?

– When I was younger I really liked marionette theatre and lighthouses, quite narrow specializations or what? haha. Anyway, I used to travel to different lighthouses in Sweden. They are quite magical you know, the way they separate the land and the sea. If I don’t have any inspiration I’ll just go to one. 

But what’s it about them that appeal to you? 

– It’s like … I just keep coming back to them. I mean, I want to feel this strong emotion in my heart, and the lighthouse does that, it always hits me right in the chest. In a way, all along my creativity has just been a tool for creating love. When I was little, it was all about longing for and dreaming of life and love ... I guess the lighthouse and the ocean became symbols for that longing. In a way, I guess they still are.

By Magnus Ekbladh

Prop & set
Graphic design


2011 Art History I, 15 hp, Stockholm University
2008–2011 Graphic design & Illustration, Konstfack
Graphic design & Illustration, Nyckelviksskolan
2006–2007 Art and Crafts, Nyckelviksskolan

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